Bard College, NY, USA

B.A. in Photography, 2015


School of the Art Institute, Chicago, IL, USA, 




Va Voir Ailleurs Si J'y Suis

Chambre Noire Bar, Paris, France, 2017

Solo exhibit

Ask Something,

School of Machine Making and Make-believe, Berlin, Germany, 2017

Group exhibit 

In Formation,

HANGAR, Lisbon, Portugal 2017

Residency and open studio

Virtual Fiction,

The School of Machine, Making, and Make-believe, Berlin, Germany 2016

Workshop and Installation

Satisfing the Goat and the Cauliflower, A Collision of Things,

Bard College, New York, USA 2014-2015

Senior Thesis

Popcorn Ceiling,

Tivoli Artist Co-op, Tivoli, New York, USA 2015

Group exhibit

How Clever of the Orange to Fall from the Tree,

Platforma Space, Bucarest, Romania 2014

Workshop and Installation


Bard Papers,

Bard College, NY, USA, 2015


Through the Flowers,

Bard College, NY, USA,2014



Bard College, NY, USA, 2012

Sophie Louise Braziunas

I am a multimedia artist prominently working with photography, video and installation. My work explores the mundane, unusual, and forgotten worlds and how they can be entrances to alternative spaces. I use light, repetition, color, movement and stillness as tools to expand the world of perception, hiding the lines between fiction and reality, taking interest in the way we can interpret forgotten perspectives and habits, as well as reflect on the complexities of the brain and its sensitivities. By creating confusion through distortion and blur I allow the viewer to construct their own perception and truths. 

Based in Paris, France

B.A. in Photography from Bard College 2015

Photographing since 2007

From Chicago, Il

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